Pianist Jingxuan Zhang’s musical sojourn had its beginnings in the suburbs of Beijing, wound its way through the farmlands of Indiana, settled briefly in the concrete jungle of New York, and finally brought him to the old American city of Boston. He studied the convoluted ways of the human psychology at Columbia University while in the exchange program with The Juilliard School, where he refined his musicianship with the legendary pianist Jerome Lowenthal. Afterward, he went on to study with the Georgian pianist Alexander Korsantia at New England Conservatory. After graduation, he remained in Boston to teach and play.

He loves to cook the Chinese food he grew up with and to converse with his friends over the dinner table. Now he even enjoys the Lebanese and Ukrainian cuisines of his two housemates, good friends and fellow pianists. Otherwise, he likes to swim briefly in the frigid ocean in autumn or spring. In brief, his desire is to share the shareable things – music, food, knowledge, and time – with others.

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