Schedule for Saturday March 17:

9:00 AM - Bach: Solo and Sublime

 A quartet of 2017 Heifetz Institute alums - violinists Madi Vest and Sein An, violist Molly Wise, and cellist Noémie Raymond-Friset - perform selections from Bach's Sonatas, Partitas, and Suites for solo string instruments.  

10:00 AM - Bach the Borrower: Florence Jowers, organ

 Christ Evangelical Music Director Florence Jowers performing on the church's magnificent Taylor & Boody tracker organ, explores works for organ which contain material Bach borrowed either from himself or others, including a concerto, a prelude and fugue, a trio sonata, and his famous C Minor Passacaglia.

11:00 AM - Bach on the Banjo John Bullard plays five-string banjo, which you might expect from a southerner. But there’s a Gothic twist: he plays classical music. If you think about it, it’s actually the perfect southern art—a gentleman playing Bach on a banjo. One minute he’s bush-hogging a field on his John Deere tractor, the next he’s on his porch playing a Bach partita. Has to be heard to be believed! 

12:00 PM - A Bach's Lunch

 A lunchtime "snack pack" of Bach favorites from a variety of local artists

1:00 PM - Bach to Staunton: Return of Hometown Virtuoso Christopher Jacobsen

  The renowned organist of Duke Chapel in North Carolina, Staunton native Christopher Jacobson has played all of Bach’s organ works, (257 pieces in all!) in a year-long series of fourteen recitals. He also conducts the Duke Evensong Singers at 4 p.m. every Sunday afternoon at the Chapel. The first of two recitals from Staunton's favorite Bach son! 

2:00 PM - Bach: French and English

 An hour of selections from Sebastian Bach's magnificent "French" and "English" solo keyboard suites, essayed by two of the Heifetz Institute's finest pianists: Faculty pianist Stefan Petrov and budding virtuoso Jingxuan Zhang.   

3:00 PM - Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival

Named the “jewel in Harrisonburg’s crown” by the Virginia Commission for the Arts, the Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival is a week-long summer music festival devoted to promoting an appreciation and understanding of the music of Bach as well as a featured composer, country, era or people. The SVBF offers an hour of Bach as a preview to its 2018 Festival, held every June on the campus of Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg.

4:00 PM - The Art of the Fugue -

Kenneth Miller, organ "Bach brought the fugue to the peak of its development in the hundreds that he composed, and this work represents the apotheosis of the form." Organist Kenneth Miller from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, takes on of Bach's last and greatest keyboard masterpieces: "The Art of the Fugue,"   

5:00 PM - The Brandenburgs and Beyond, Featuring the Heifetz Band

Brilliant young alums of the Heifetz International Music Institute - including violinists Madison Vest and Sein An, violist Molly Wise, and cellist Noemie Raymond-Friset - band together to play some of Bach's most infectious music for strings, including the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3.  

6:00 PM - Bach on Eleven Strings: The Art of the Archguitar, featuring Peter Blanchette

 Guitarist, composer, arranger and conductor Peter Blanchette is known around the world as the inventor of the 11-string archguitar. His extraordinary repertoire of internationally acclaimed arrangements and compositions spans from the medieval, renaissance and baroque music to World Music, New Music, and his own original pieces. But he has a special devotion to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. He has made archguitar arrangements of hundreds of the Bach's music composed originally for solo violin, solo 'cello, and lute, as well as archguitar duo arrangements of keyboard and orchestral works.  

7:00 PM Bach and the Organ: An Intimate Exploration with Christopher Jacobson

In his second recital of the day, Staunton native Christoper Jacobson delves deeper into Bach's masterpieces for the King of Instruments, performing on Christ Evangelical Lutheran's magnificent Taylor & Boody tracker organ.

8:00 PM - Great Cantatas and a Grand Finale 

Our day-long celebration concludes in magnificent style with an hour of Bach's most moving sacred works drawn from his passions and cantatas, featuring distinguished soloists, chamber choir, organ, and string musicians from the Heifetz Institute. Selections include the renowned countertenor soloist Charlie Humphries in the gripping Cantata No. 52, "Widerstehe doch der Sünde (Just Resist Sin)" the infectious duet "Mein Freund Is Mein ("My Friend Is Mine, And I Am Yours)", from the Cantata No. 140, featuring soprano Jessica Spafford, bass Kyle Knappenberger, and oboist Yi-Peng Chen.  And for the Grand Finale, Music Director Paul Weber leads a complete performance of the Palm Sunday Cantata No. 182, BWV 182, "Himmelskönig, sei willkommen (King of Heaven, Welcome)," with tenor Brian Thorsett joining countertenor Humphries and bass Knappenberger. An unforgettable ending to a remarkable day of Bach!

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